DxO Optics Pro Elite + Patch Is Here![Latest]

DxO Optics Pro Elite + Patch Is Here

DxO Optics Pro 11 is not a regular picture editor. It’s not designed for complicated image manipulations, computer graphics or innovative photomontages. As a substitute, it fits into a much advanced

level of the photographic workflow – taking photos immediately from your digicam and correcting an entire host of aberrations, defects, and flaws that you may have thought have been unavoidable characteristics of 
your cameras and lenses.

DxO Optics Pro Patch has up to date its opticspro software to model eleven. Opticspro eleven brings improvements to one of the ultimate generation’s headline capabilities – ‘high’ noise discount. Dxo promises that prime 2016 offers improved bokeh protection and better element retention, specifically in shadows. Processing instances have reduced, and customers can count on up to 4x quicker overall performance.


  • Dxo high 2016:
    The enterprise riding denoising is currently appreciably quicker and all the extra intense
  • Eager lighting’s spot-weighted mode:
    Utilizes face region to brilliantly apply a clever tone guide to the complete image
  • Crimson-eye:
    Mechanized discovery and redress of pink eyes
  • Auto micro contrast:
    Upgrades first-rate subtle factors for your photos, but savvy sufficient to leave countenances and excessive iso images in the region
  • More advantageous specific tone:
    Better protection of mid tones for a extra common appearance
  • Complete-display screen show mode:
    Skim your photographs in an immersive, diversion-free environment
  • Score and isolate trade routes:
    Effortlessly winnow through images using new console trade routes
  • Slider reactivity:
    As much as twice as brief, giving a frictionless purchaser to enjoy
  • Specialized particulars:
    dxo optics pro is available in English, french, German, and jap
  • DxO PRIME noise reduction works up to four times faster on high ISO images.
  • DxO PRIME better preserves smooth transitions between sharp and blurry elements.
  • Automatic micro-contrast mode uses automatic detection to identify and preserve faces.
  • Using face detection, DxO OpticsPro automatically corrects red eyes.
  • Provides a semiautomatic manual mode for difficult cases.


Latest Version:

Older Version:

Click Below To Download DxO Optics Pro 11.2.0 + Patch


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